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Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion, Tea Fiend and Lover of Type II Fun.

I love an adventure and write about them on my blog as often as possible. If you're looking for a walk,
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I'm currently starting my #30Years30Mountains Challenge, aiming to reach the summits of 30 mountains
throughout Europe before I hit 30 in December 2019.


"Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was"

Dag Hammarskjöld

"It’s always further than it looks. It’s always taller than it looks. And it’s always harder than it looks"


"So, if you cannot understand that there is something in man which responds to the challenge of this mountain and goes out to meet it, that the struggle is the struggle of life itself upward and forever upward, then you won’t see why we go. What we get from adventure is just sheer joy. And joy is, after all, the end of life. We do not live to eat and make money. We eat and make money to be able to live. That is what life means and what life is for.”

George Mallory

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”

T.E. Lawrence

Recent Posts

Mountain Monday - George Mallory

Today is the birthday of George Mallory, and so what better Mountain Monday post is there than one honouring one of the world’s most famous mountaineers.

Born on the 18th of June 1886, in Cheshire, his first climbing was to the top of his father’s church, not starting on real climbing until he went to Winchester College, meeting R L G Irving, a member of the Alpine Club.

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Packing List for a 1 Week Offshore Sailing Trip

A few people have messaged since my last sailing trip, asking what I took for a week away.

There are plenty of kit lists online already, but this is what I took with me for a week's sailing from Gibraltar to A Coruña.

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Dine at Mine with Room2 Hometels Southampton

This week I went to Room2 Hometels in Southampton for a ‘Dine at Mine’ dinner party in aid of Southampton Hospital Charity. Dine At Mine is a fundraising campaign for the Southampton Hospital Charity, to raise money for a dedicated Children’s Emergency and Trauma Department, a brand new building at Southampton Hospital.

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