Determination, Motivation & Tips For Setting Goals… 

It’s been a while since I wrote a rambling personal post, but it’s been a week of achievements, a week of good news and a week of happy smiley Kate… Which can only be considered a good thing, unless you came across me in the supermarket, smiling at the salad!

I fear I’m a lost cause…

Anyway, those of you who know me, or maybe some of you who don’t, will have picked up on the fact I’m a ridiculously determined person.

If I want to do something, I generally will, and won’t stop until I get there, my bucket list is as long as a piece of string, and keeps getting longer.

Importantly? I know where I want to be, I know what I want to be doing and I’ll do everything within my power to get there.

Goals are important to me and the importance of goal setting should never be underestimated, whether they’re goals to climb a mountain, get a new job, or grow yourself as a person…

In my 3rd year of university, I spent all my spare time, outside of my dissertation prep, volunteering with the United Nations Association (UNA-UK), on work experience at the UN in Geneva and running the Plymouth UNA Youth Branch (spot the theme).
​Outside of work, I spend all my time studying for shipping and logistics qualifications, still working with UNA-UK and am signed up for training with a disaster relief organisation in the next month.When I’m not doing the above, I spend most of my time working on my blog, trying to inspire people and write content that people actually want to read.​The rest of the time? I’m in the gym, seeing friends or trying to GetOutside as much as I can!Life is pretty packed!

Determination & Motivation

Determination is great, it pushes you to achieve what you want. it pushes you to get where you want to be, but it also has negatives.

What if you don’t achieve your goal? What if you suffer a setback?

​My advice? Keep pushing. Motivation is key.

I ‘twisted my knee funny’ half way up Kilimanjaro, strapped it up, took painkillers and kept going. On summit night I was in tears from the pain, the rest of my group went on ahead with another guide and I wondered if I’d make it. At around 5am, I duct taped my knee up (seemed a good idea at the time) and kept pushing through. My goal was to reach the summit and I was going to, regardless, a twisted knee wouldn’t stop me… I carried on, made it to the summit and then struggled back down in massive amounts of pain, sweat and tears.

I got home from Tanzania and was sent for an urgent MRI scan, which showed I’d actually dislocated my kneecap. I sat feeling sorry for myself a good few weeks, then realised I had work to do. I snapped out of it, set myself some goals (see where I’m heading with this) and used that motivation to work for something else. Fixing my knee.

I’ve spoken to people who have been in a similar situation,  they’ve suffered injuries and not worked hard at physio, not pushed themselves with their home exercises. and it was because they had nothing to work for…

Me? I set myself the challenge of getting on an Alpine Mountaineering Course this summer and aiming to climb Mont Blanc or Gran Paradiso. Aim high, quite literally.

​So I decided to pay for private physio as it would fix me quicker and more efficiently for my goals than the NHS.

I’m a planner, I plan ahead. I may not always complete those plans, but I have them.
Within the next 5 years I want to summit Denali.

Every physio session, every knee workout, every sweaty gym session was working towards that and when my knee was stiff from exercises, or I didn’t want to go to the gym, I visualised where I wanted to be and cracked on.

​Since setting myself these goals and working hard, in the space of 2 months my knee is back to 75% strength, back to its normal size and I have no pain anymore.  

How I Set Goals…

It doesn’t matter whether your goals are based in work, fitness, education or anything else, there are a few things that will ensure that you can achieve them!

​This is how I set my goals for myself, but everyone is different.What works for me, may not work for you!

Don’t set too many.
You can’t focus on too many things at once, unless you’re some kind of superhuman, and something will always suffer.Focus on a handful of key goals you want to achieve and you’ll easily keep your mind set on where you want to be.Make sure your goals are ‘SMART’Specific – Make your goals as specific as you can and identify what you want to accomplish.Good example – Climb Gran Paradiso.
Bad example – Hopefully climb a mountain.Measurable – You should be able to measure your result and know exactly whether you reach your goal.
Try and avoid vague words and make sure you set benchmarks to work towards.

Good example – Go to the gym 4 x a week for 1 hour.
Bad example –  Get fit.

Achievable – Start each goal with an action word like quit/run/climb instead of vague words like hope/be/learn.
What resources do you need to achieve your objective? Find them and start working out whether you can afford it/have the time etc…

Good example – Write 3 blog posts a week.
Bad example – Be more consistent with blogging.

Realistic Your goals should challenge you, but you also need to exercise common sense.

For me personally, I like to be outside of my comfort zone, if I’m not then I don’t feel sufficiently challenged.

Good example –  Start training to run the marathon next year.
Bad example – Enter a marathon in 2 months.

Time-Bound – Make sure your goal has a specific time frame for it to be completed by. If you have a deadline, it increases the chances of you actually managing to achieve that goal. You have something to work for.
I tend to do this the wrong way and just book what I want to do, then I have the added pressure of having to achieve it, but that’s personal preference and it’s what works for me!

Good example – Lose 10lbs by May 1st
Bad example – Lose 10lbs.

I find writing down my goals to be the most beneficial. I set them, write them in my notebook and tick them off as I complete them. This is key. By writing down your plans, you’ve stated your intention and the wheels are in motion!

You don’t have to tell people your goals, but I find it helps, as you’re then accountable to someone as well. Just make sure that those you share your goals with are likely to help, not hinder you. I don’t share my goals with anyone who isn’t committed to helping me achieve them!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get there or achieve everything you set yourself, life sometimes gets in the way and so reviewing your goals is important. I review my goals weekly and see what I need to do that week to ensure I’m always moving towards where I want to be.

Struggling? Set yourself smaller interim goals, amend the time frame, keep pushing and make sure that they’re SMART.

Your goals should inspire you!

Get planning 🙂

How do you set goals for yourself? What goals are you working towards at the moment?

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  1. Very good advice. I definitely need to push myself more, just get a bit bogged down in just surviving that it’s hard to see the big picture. Glad your knee is getting better, like it had a choice!

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