Going Back To University…

My blog has been a little quiet recently, and with good reason… I’ve gone back to university! The past few weeks have been spent prepping, getting work up together, and trying not to have a crisis. My blogging may slow a little, it may not. At the moment I’ve no way of knowing, but as people kept asking, I felt it time to explain!

I’d been toying with the idea of going back to university for a while… since graduating five years ago really, but I didn’t know where or what I wanted to study. This is partly why I didn’t go straight into a Masters, I figured if I was going to study something, it had to be something I adored…

And so, 5 years after graduating, I got an offer from the University of Exeter, to study for a MA in History, following their maritime pathway (I know, nobody is at all surprised by that), and thanks to my very supportive boss, I have accepted and start this week!

If I have to study for a Masters part time, it had to be something I wouldn’t try to avoid after a full day at work, and so naval history is the most logical option, as I spend all my time reading up on it anyway!

Will it help any future career plans? Probably not, no. I’m purely doing it for me, for my interest and because of a love of the subject.

And I can’t wait…

But, my blog will inevitably take a slight backseat at times, so if I’m not posting that often, this is why!

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