Seek, And Ye Shall Find…




Inspiration is a funny one.

You can be inspired by a quote on the internet, inspired to learn a new language, inspired by a sporting event… but it means nothing if you don’t use it to your advantage.

All of the above are good reasons to be inspired, but I find that most inspiration comes from those we have contact with. I was having a conversation about this exact subject last night and I don’t think people know how much they inspire others, without even realising it.

You don’t need to have climbed Everest, you don’t need to have 10 degrees, you don’t even need to have completed a crazy challenge of any description. You can be a normal person, doing the things they love  on a day to day basis and trying to make other people realise what they are capable of.

Everyone is inspiring in their own way…

I think we all have those people we look up to in life, who we aspire to be…

Mine was Dame Margaret Anstee, the first female UN Under Secretary General.
Aim high, right?

As we grow up, at school we’re told to go for what we want and we’ll get there.
Or, at least, we should be. It’s not always the case…

I was told at school (whilst admittedly paying no attention in woodwork and being a brat) that I would never achieve anything. My teacher, Mr Agnew, told me that “all I was good for was watching soaps and having children, what would I ever achieve? He had a degree”. Looking back, Mr Agnew was an arse… Put politely…

I have had that at the back of my head since school and it’s pushed me and given me drive every day. Maybe it’s because I’m still trying to prove I’m capable of more, bad comments stick! Maybe it was just because I’m stubborn… Maybe that was his intention, to make me work harder?

I doubt it, but I did it anyway. I like proving people wrong.

Thankfully, I had inspiration from other people growing up – Family, friends & cadet staff. That final one was the largest influence on me when I was an annoying teenager! I spent 2 evenings a week at cadets, as well as most weekends/school holidays, so it was bound to have an influence. So much so that I’m still involved with the Corps now and hope to inspire the young people I lead in some way!

I’m probably a little too ambitious for my own good, when I don’t achieve something, I sulk. Fortunately, I have friends and family who support me in everything I do, and act as cheerleaders. Likewise I do the same for them, whatever they’re aiming to achieve!

Everyone should have that.
Everybody should be surrounded by people who push and act as their own personal cheer squad.
If you don’t have that. I will be your cheer squad, pom poms and all!

For me personally? I could be inspired by people like Fiennes, Messner, Mallory and Hillary, and to some extent I am, they got me on the path I’m on now. They forged an interest in adventure, but it’s the people going on incredible adventures around a full time job, or on a shoestring budget that inspire me more. The people who work all week so that they can do what they want at the weekend! The people who have undoubtedly been told it’s a stupid idea, reckless, dangerous or a waste of time… What about your job etc…?

Ignore the naysayers, ignore the people who don’t think you can achieve.
​They’re your goals, not theirs.

You are capable of doing anything you want.
You can do anything you set your mind to.
Surround yourself with positivity and you’ll be amazed how different life becomes!

Without being cliche, life’s too short to not do the things you want to do, or make the most of it. I’ve lost a number of my best friends, and I’m only 27, so that’s something that rings true for me.Seek inspiration from everything and everyone.

That sunset inspired you to write for the first time in years? Great. Get scribbling.
You want to be inspired to exercise? Find a sport you love and join a group of people who love the same thing.
You want to get a new job? Hustle hard. Network, pimp your CV and show everyone how amazing you are!
You want to travel the world? Save some funds, work it in to your annual leave if you have to.
You want to climb Everest? Go for it. Climb that goddamn mountain… in the words of Jack Kerouac.

Determination is important, but without the inspiration, we would never achieve anything.
Make the most of every day, surround yourself with wonderful people and I don’t think you’ll ever go wrong.

In the immortal words of one of the people I do hold in very high regard – ‘Peux ce que veux, allons y!’

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Let’s go!

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  1. I absolutely love this post! It’s so beautifully written and contains a message everyone needs to know! And this inspired me even more! I also love the quotes in this! The woodwork teacher sounds like a massive arse! I’m glad you proved him wrong – I like doing this too! X

    Victoria | <a href=””>VictoriaaHelenn</a>

  2. It means nothing if you don’t use it to your own advantage is something I keep saying to myself to use my story for good. Thank you for sharing this! I feel super motivated right now xx

  3. I know all too well about those naysayers especially growing up. Great to see you’ve taken a positive spin on it. Nice post. X

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