I work in shipping, and am indoors most of the day, but I'm always been trying to get outdoors as often as I can.

My main loves are the sea and the mountains. I sail, ski, climb, cycle, run, walk, paddle and row whenever I get the chance! I'm also an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion and love sharing my favourite beautiful British hills, mountains and coastline with everyone I meet.

If I'm not writing about the outdoors I'm writing about history. Especially naval history, which I've loved since I was 8. I've been on Mastermind, read pretty much every book going, I think and am now studying for my MA.



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Dryrobe Advance: Review

There is nothing worse than getting out of the sea on a cold day. You pop out for a nice, refreshing swim, get out of the water and that air temperature hits you, making you question all of your life choices in a fit of teeth chattering misery.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully, the wonderful folks at Dryrobe have come up with a solution.

Seine to Sword Beach: Day Four – Parachutes, Crossroads and a Midnight Outing

The day after visiting Merville, we woke up to glorious sunshine. Not only was this great because, you know, we had to cycle everywhere but it was also great because it meant the weather was perfect for the Daks over Normandy drop at Sannerville that afternoon.

Seine to Sword Beach: Day Two - Merville, Amfreville and a Bridge

Rain, rain, go away…

The forecast on day two? Rain, misery and a little more rain. Which is fine if, like most sane people, you’re in a car driving around Normandy. If, however, you’re planning to cycle through then suddenly it’s not so enjoyable…

The plan was to ride up to Merville Battery, via Amfreville and then down to Pegasus Bridge. Not a huge ride by any means, but the plan of the day was battlefield tourism.

Seine to Sword Beach: Day One - Crossing Normandy

If you've read my last post, you'll know that things didn't quite go to plan, and it ended with me shoved in the boot of a car with 8 pannier bags heading from Caen to the other end of Normandy.

After a long drive, during which mum commented, "is this how far we're riding back. Are you sure about this distance?", we finally reached our drop off...

The Pont de Normandie.



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