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On route planning, ferries and doing things in reverse...

A year ago I planned a bike ride. I was going to cycle from Sword Beach, in Normandy, where my Grandad landed with the 12th Devonshire Regiment in June 1944. Of course, that's not quite how things happened! No first battle plan survives contact, as they say...

A Visit to Portchester Castle

Occupying a commanding position at the northern head of Portsmouth Harbour, and built on the site of an old Roman fort, Portchester Castle was founded in the 11th Century.

From a roman fort to a castle, palace, hunting lodge and prison to a beautiful English Heritage site today, Portchester Castle is well worth a visit

Review: Trespass Arabel Women’s Packaway Hooded Down Jacket

We’re at that time of year where the weather is incredibly changeable and getting your layering and kit choices right can be a minefield of unpredictability!

Trespass recently got in touch and asked me to review one of their coats, and so I chose the Arabel Women’s Packaway Hooded Down Jacket.

Review: Lifesaver Liberty Water Purifier Bottle

Gone are the days of sitting waiting for your iodine tablets (bleurgh) or chlorine tablets (marginally less bleurgh) to do their job.

I was recently sent The Lifesaver Liberty Water Purifier Bottle to review which, in fact, is the worlds’ first and only portable water purifier which is a bottle with an inline pump combined.



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