I work in shipping, and am indoors most of the day, but I'm always been trying to get outdoors as often as I can.

My main loves are the sea and the mountains. I sail, ski, climb, cycle, run, walk, paddle and row whenever I get the chance! I'm also an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion and love sharing my favourite beautiful British hills, mountains and coastline with everyone I meet.

If I'm not writing about the outdoors I'm writing about history. Especially naval history, which I've loved since I was 8. I've been on Mastermind, read pretty much every book going, I think and am now studying for my MA.



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I Can't Get No Sleep

I'm sat here writing this on a chilly October morning. Once again I am lying in bed wide awake, unable to sleep and, as ever, I'm hoping that writing may help.

Everyone says it's good to get words out and put pen to paper, as it were.

I'm still not entirely sure it's the case, but it at least goes some way in to explaining why I'm taking a step back from social media for a bit, and maybe even lets me reclaim a small piece of sanity, albeit whilst feeling a little open to the world.

Seine to Sword Beach: Day Four - Memorials, Tanks & Bureaucracy

After 3 days of wonderful cycling and visiting some incredibly historic sites, we had reached our final day in Normandy… June 6th.

The 75th anniversary of D-Day.

After packing the tent up and loading our bikes with panniers again (and suddenly remembering how heavy the bikes would be) we headed down to Pegasus Bridge...

Dryrobe Advance: Review

There is nothing worse than getting out of the sea on a cold day. You pop out for a nice, refreshing swim, get out of the water and that air temperature hits you, making you question all of your life choices in a fit of teeth chattering misery.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully, the wonderful folks at Dryrobe have come up with a solution.

Seine to Sword Beach: Day Three – Parachutes, Crossroads and a Midnight Outing

The day after visiting Merville, we woke up to glorious sunshine. Not only was this great because, you know, we had to cycle everywhere but it was also great because it meant the weather was perfect for the Daks over Normandy drop at Sannerville that afternoon.



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